Builders Guides and References

  • 01-01-2023

    NEW 2023 Builders Guide

    This NEW Builders Guide was compiled from the original hand written manual, the original and new CAD drawings, and knowledge from building a number of wood contructed homebuilts. This guide covers components and assemblies that have an almost unnoticable mention on the original blueprints. In the 1950's, the builder was left to his own design ideas and abilities.

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  • 01-01-2023

    1958 Hand Written Builders Manual

    The .pdf copies of the original manual are difficult to read at nest. Unfortunately the surviving print copies are missing page #9, but include two page #10's. References are made to wood compression members that re nowhere on the drawings. The above 2023 Guide addresses this and includes CAD drawings and informaion for fabricating steel members. Although it is interesting to read how builders thought 75 years ago, the information is lacking in detail.

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  • 01-01-2023

    FAA Advisory Documents

    The Federal Aviation Administration is full of long hundred plus page advisories and guides which shouldn't be overlooked. There are some usefull links to publications at the bottom of this page that are a must read when owning a homebuilt aircraft.

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  • 01-0-2023

    The Experimental Aircraft Association EAA

    Having been around forever, the EAA libraries and past issues of Sport Aviation, The Experimentor and others are a wealth of information. The Smith Termite enjoyes a multi=page article in the September 1958 issue of Sport Aviation.

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  • 03-06-2023
  • Other Aviation Related Downloads

    Other manuals and Advisories that may assist you in building the Smith Termite- Bill of Sale >> AC 8050-2 , Acceptable Methods & Practices >> AC 43.13-1B, Information on the EAA Designated Airworthiness Representative >> EAA DAR Information , and the local DAR for your state >> EAA DAR Registry