Purchasing Your "Plans" $135.00 ppd

Serial numbered plans packages include the original 12 page blueprints plus a 60" CAD generated full size Rib drawing. The Builders Guide and original Builders Manual can be downloaded by clicking "Guides" below. Total cost is $135.00 which includes Priority Mail shipping and tracking in the Continental US.

NEW "Study Plans" Original blueprints scanned to .pdf files. $65.00 ppd. No full size rib or serial number with this set. You can purchase the full sized drawings package at a later date, and get a $35.00 credit on the order.

Payments by Check or Money order can be mailed to our contact address.

Ask if you would like a PayPal Invoice e-mailed to you, or pay directly using plans@smithtermite.com as the payee.

For payment information concerning Venmo or Zelle, contact me.

Always feel free to phone- it might be "Old School" but there's no replacement for the personal touch!